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Our Story

Pick And Plant was not even an idea in 2012 when co-founder Carole Moore's (CAM) hair stylist Donna needed some advice about adding some new plants to her property but was not sure where to begin. Carole told Donna that her son Doug enjoys doing that kind of work and has a background in horticulture and she suggested that Doug might be able help. Doug arranged to meet with Donna at a local garden center and they discussed what Donna might have in mind for her garden. A plan was made. After picking out a few plants to start with, and an enjoyable afternoon of dirt digging and planting, Donna had a refreshed look to her flower beds. Carole told Doug that a lot of people would love that kind of service that he provided Donna and that a business could be made out of it one day. Starting any business from the ground up takes lot of time, effort, commitment and money Doug knew and, at first, he shrugged off the idea. Thinking about what Carole said a few weeks later a "Why Not?" moment came and soon Pick And Plant was born.

Doug wanted to keep doing the things that he had always loved and thanks to his Mom, and the ongoing support of his family, he has done just that. 

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